Your party is more than just music. Up your game and bundle staging, lighting, and event planning. You’ll save time, effort, and consolidate your expenses into a single customizable budget.

Our most popular setup includes a DJ, 2 speakers, and 2-3 lights. Options expand from there to include staging, more lights, and more advanced sound systems. Venues with their own sound systems can be used, too, assuming they are included with your service agreement.

Staging options that rise to the occasion

In almost every venue, staging is included with your package for the venue. However, if you don’t have staging or risers available to you, we can get them for you. Typically for a DJ the staging area does not need to be large. Most of our equipment can be placed around or nearby on the floor.

Small stages for your DJ and room for a few other people start around $1,500.

Lighting to liven any room

Nothing fills a room like music, but light comes pretty close. Enhance your space with optional lighting with packages starting at $200.

Standalone strobe and disco lights and Gobos are exciting and popular. They fill any room with multiple colors that pulse and flash to the sound of the music. Gobos are a fan-favorite with brides and wedding parties. These single standalone fixtures project letters or symbols on to the floor below. They’re perfect for initials, short names, or symbols like hearts and doves.

Room up-lighting is an affordable way to change the mood and tone of a room. Simple light fixtures are installed along the floor – often behind plants or tables – that can be controlled by the DJ. The whole room can feel energized with reds and oranges or cool down to blues and greens for slow dances and romantic moments.

More advanced setups are available as you move into trusses and movers. These lighting options will make your room look and feel more like a concert.

Professional event planning

We are not full-time event planners. But Circle City DJs see enough events to help a lot of small and budget-conscious hosts along the way.

If you’re thinking about hosting a class or family reunion, small party, or corporate event and need a little advice on any of the following, we can help:

  • Placement of DJ sound equipment
  • Light setup and placement
  • Sources for third-party vendors like bakers, caterers, photographers, videographers, and bartenders
  • Creating a song playlist with a professional understanding of trends and taste
  • Venue setup and dance area accommodation
  • Emcee and announcements
  • Wireless and wired microphones
  • PowerPoint presentations and projectors
  • On-site engineering and professional sound services

Circle City DJs are comfortable announcing the arrival of the bride and groom at a wedding, the guest of honor at a party, and award recipients for corporate events. If you’re unsure how to plan, set up, and stage an event, you may find CCDJ can do most of the work for you.

Circle City DJ

Circle City DJ