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Ymca Bride

We have been DJ’ing events for many years and have a long track record of quality performance at events.  We strive to provide the utmost in professionalism at each event and tailor our delivery to match your exact needs.

Planning a Party or Wedding? A DJ for your perfect event…

Hiring an Indianapolis DJ is about hiring a professional who will deliver a great party.  A party that matches your guests, your theme, your expectations, and your style.

Our professional party and wedding reception DJ will work with you to understand your event, your desires for making it special, and understand your guests. We will work to design the music to match your theme and interests to bring excellent music to set the perfect mood for each moment of your party.


About You…

This is your event and we want to make it all about you.   We will make your party exactly how you envision it. We will work with you to make your party personal, unique and to match your style. Our DJ Entertainment Director will work with you to deliver the atmosphere and moods you want to feel at your Indianapolis party or wedding event. Our music will help set the tone for your perfect party.

We work with you to design the proper instructions for the event, any timeline and any specific songs will be followed. As an Indianapolis Wedding DJ, we know how to make wedding receptions work and fit your style.

Indianapolis Party DJ

Want to make a party “POP”?

Our Party DJ know how to make your event FUN, exciting, and memorable.

Let our DJ Entertainment Director work with you to make your party event unique, special, and memorable with the perfect music to set the mood.  Our Party DJ knows how to get it going and making dancing fun for everyone.

Corporate Event DJ

Being “tasteful” is very important at corporate events.   As your Event DJ, we know what music is tasteful for your corporate event and we work with you to design a great event with appropriate music and songs.  Our Indianapolis Event DJ is tasteful and appropriate at all times and will bring professionalism to your event.  Our DJ will provide a PA system and wireless microphones for your party event.

 Themed Events

Create a theme for your event to make it unique and memorable.  Our DJ will work with you to design the music to fit your theme and make your event remembered!

As your Party DJ, will do our part to help you design new ideas into your event and make it “WOW” your guests.

Our DJ has great experience in making events fun and memorable.  Let us work with you on a theme and include special DJ lighting, dancers, costumes, or other theme items to make your event “WOW” your guests.

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